Receivables Control
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As a nationally recognized bank we see liquidation cases regularly that often have portfolios of receivables. Rather than taking a long time to recover these receivables ourselves, Receivables Control is able to purchase them, thus allowing us to quickly pay down the loan.

— Top 5 Bank

Personalized Reporting

People do business with Receivables Control for two main reasons — we increase cash flow and we provide impeccable service! A major component of Receivables Control’s service is our comprehensive reporting — our clients tell us it’s the best in the industry. Our detailed reporting services will provide you with the knowledge and confidence that your accounts are being worked effectively, and that your best interests are our priority.

Our personalized client reporting includes:
  • Monthly status reports. The collection professional working the account individually dictates these detailed reports.
  • Elite Claims report detailing the debtor’s history and our strategy for collecting large balance accounts 
  • Electronic confirmation notification of claims placed with Receivables Control
  • On-line access to view all accounts placed with Receivables Control
  • Recovery analysis reports customized to meet your requirements
  • Electronic payment notifications 
  • Detailed closing letters for any accounts deemed uncollectible by Receivables Control
  • A legal transfer letter for accounts requiring suit. The letter includes a detailed recommendation as to why it is in your best interest to invest in a lawsuit.
  • Our Information Services Department provides additional customized reporting to meet your needs.