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  • Performance That Pays

    Helping companies to collect and manage their most challenging accounts since 1970.

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  • Low Cost Recovery Alternatives

    Collecting receivables for an average cost of 2%.

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  • 97.1% of Dollars Recovered

    Accomplished without the use of litigation.

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  • Quickly Liquidate Receivables Portfolios

    By obtaining a free consultation/analysis to determine it’s value.

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Auditing Bureau

Save time, money, and effort with our pre-collection letter program that gets results for a nominal, flat fee.

Debt Recovery

Maximize recoveries through our highly effective receivables management process.

Recovery Group

Take advantage of a wide range of services and solutions that are unique to Receivables Control.

Providing the best value and service to our clients since 1970.

Receivables Control is dedicated to helping companies like yours increase their cash flow and minimize bad debt expense. Our commitment to providing unparalleled levels of service and maximizing our clients recovery results, has led Receivables Control to become one of the most trusted receivables management firms in the industry. Our experienced professionals consistently help companies, both large and small, collect and manage their most challenging accounts. Our outstanding record of success includes the fact that 97.1% of all dollars are collected without litigation!

Contact Receivables Control to find out how our experienced and professional staff can benefit your business by helping you gain control over problem receivables and improve cash flow. We’re proud of our record in assisting companies worldwide, and we’d welcome the opportunity to partner with you.


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Quite often in our dealings with troubled companies, one large asset we must deal with is their outstanding receivables. Receivables Control is able to quickly and expertly evaluate how collectable they are on our behalf, and devise a plan of action to maximize recoveries that has proven invaluable to us.

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