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We’ve been working with Receivables Control exclusively for more than 5 years! Receivables Control’s recovery rate was so fantastic that we decided to try their General Auditing Bureau pre-collection program. By implementing GAB’s service BEFORE referring accounts to Receivables Control we’ve saved thousands of dollars in collection fees as a result!

— National Leading Medical Device Manufacturer

Personalized Letter Service

General Auditing Bureau will administer our very personalized letter collection effort for a fraction of the cost of a conventional collection process. GAB provides a high-quality series of laser-printed, hand-signed letters that are proven to generate much higher recoveries than impersonal computer duns. We offer multiple versions of letters to fit your every need, and allow you the flexibility to choose the tone of the letter. Implementing the GAB system is quick and easy.

GAB ensures consistent follow-up and increased success by contacting your delinquent customers at specific intervals. In addition, your cash flow will increase immediately when your customers pay, because they remit payments directly to you.

Since 1970, the combination of the General Auditing Bureau name and our personalized letters has consistently helped clients to recover their receivables faster and at a low cost. We are so confident that you will find GAB to be a necessary part of your recovery efforts, that we are offering you the opportunity to test this service for free!