I've been notified about an outstanding debt: what are my payment options?

You can submit payments online by following the instructions outlined, or you can submit payment by making the check payable to your creditor and mailing it to Receivables Control, 7373 Kirkwood Court #200, Maple Grove, MN 55369. Please note your customer account number on the remittance.

What information do I need to supply for you to collect accounts for me?

Receivables Control will commence action when you supply the debtor’s name, address, phone number and amount due.

You can submit placements online, by email, fax, or by contacting your sales representative.

What type of accounts do you collect?

Receivables Control collects commercial (B2B) receivables. (Note that debts incurred by contractors, farmers, self-employed individuals for example, are considered commercial because the purchases are for non-household purposes.)

What geographic areas do you cover?

Our collection effort spans the globe, as we collect claims anywhere in the world.

What is your success rate?

Studies through the Commercial Collection Agencies of America indicate that a 60 day past due debt is 81.3% collectable. That figure drops to 69.6% at 90 days, 52.1% at six months, 39.1% at nine months, 22.8% at 1 year, and 9.3% at 2 years. Receivables Control has consistently been found to be, in all competitive situations, the client’s choice as the top producing agency in maximizing net returns.

How much do your services cost to help collecting my past-dues?

Recommendations on the right services for your situation can quickly be determined after a free, no-obligation consultation with a sales professional at Receivables Control. Most of our services are available on a contingent fee basis---meaning no out-of-pocket expense to you unless your money is recovered.

What kind of updates can I expect on placements made?

Receivables Control has gained many clients because of timely, meaningful reporting! Each client has different needs and desires in this area, so we will personalize reports to fit those needs. We have a wide variety of reporting formats to choose from that will keep you fully aware of what is happening each step of the way in the collection process. In addition, each client has secure access to their files on-line via our client web interface.

Can you service litigation accounts?

Yes, Receivables Control can file suit anywhere in the country through our network of attorneys. However, one aspect that we are most proud of is that 98% of all dollars we recover are recovered without litigation. We evaluate each placement to make a recommendation whether or not a lawsuit is in your best interest. If it’s determined that we should proceed, Receivables Control will serve as your liaison throughout the process, minimizing your need to monitor events on a daily basis.



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