Get More Done With Less Resources

Credit Collection Services

Get More Done With Less Resources

Let Us Do Your Busy Work

The marketplace continues to undergo massive change and undoubtedly you are asked to accomplish more with fewer resources.  Do you ever feel like you and your staff are really working for your collection agency?   In some agency relationships, referring an account to collections requires that the creditor be at the beck and call of the agency.

You might be asked to supply invoices, proofs of delivery, or other documents.  You may even be required to research payment history and report payments.  All this requires time!  Below are simple things you can do to save time and help us recover more of your money faster.

Automated Placements

If you place a volume of accounts to an agency, ensure that you are placing accounts in an efficient method.  Placing by spreadsheet is the simplest format for most credit professionals.  Simply download the information in a database-friendly format and we will upload the information directly into our system.  It helps us collect your money sooner and saves you from filling out the placement paperwork for each claim.

Online Access

Some companies allow Receivables Control to access their computer systems so we can view accounts and source our own documentation, i.e. print invoices, access proofs of delivery, verify payments and more.  If you are supplying this information manually, then you may be working for your agency!   With system access, Receivables Control takes this “to do” off of your plate.  It is possible to grant online access and at the same time maintain your company’s data security.


Are you getting the type of reporting that you really need?  Do you require an individual report for each write off? Are you able to better use information about uncollectible accounts if it is sent to you in a format you can upload?  Let us show you how we can streamline reporting to make your job easier!

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