Save Time and Attorney Costs, Increase Recoveries!

Tired of wasting time and incurring high attorney costs while suing to recover debts?   Perhaps you feel it’s a lost cause before you even start the process!  Maybe you have spent so much time with all the back and forth that you wonder if you became your attorney’s assistant.  If you feel this way, it’s time for a different approach.  By trusting an experienced partner you’ll find a pathway to success that saves you time, frustration, and attorney costs!

Think about the legal process, it is slow and deliberate.  It’s designed to give the other side the benefit of the doubt.  There is nothing wrong with that; however, when you are paying an attorney hourly, slow and deliberate translates to expensive!  This means the minimum size of an account you sue increases.  When the balance for suit increases, your write offs of borderline accounts increases also!  If all the time and costs associated with the suit process aren’t negative enough, the entire process often ends up making you feel like you have been sued!

Steps to save time and attorney costs:

  1. Start by partnering with a reputable collection agency.

    Your agency’s number 1 priority is to collect your funds outside of litigation.  Receivables Control works on a contingent commission basis, we have the incentive to collect your money quickly.  Unlike an attorney, we aren’t racking up billable hours!

  2. Throughout the process set your emotions aside.
    I can’t tell you how many times a client has thought they needed to sue a customer immediately, bypassing collections.  They let emotions take over and feel offended that their customer hasn’t paid.  This is often exacerbated by the customer raising a frivolous dispute.  It’s frustrating!  However, letting emotions drive your decisions leads to skipping steps in the process.  It can cause you to invest more time and money, leading to even more frustration!  Save your emotions for the final result.  Along the path to a solution, there are just too many ups and downs.
  3. Let your agency partner do what they do best.
    Receivables Control will make initial collection attempts.  In many instances, the escalation of the case to our agency will cause the debtor to realize you are serious and we can convince them to remit payment outside of litigation.
  4. Make an informed decision.

    If the debtor doesn’t pay during the prelitigation process, we’ll present you the necessary facts to make an informed decision.  You’ll be able to share this information with your management team and ensure everyone is up to speed:

    • We’ll give you the company identity, this is the legal entity you are considering suing.  We let you know how long they have been in business and how their entity is organized, i.e. sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership, LLC, etc.
    • Receivables Control provides you a report detailing their public record, i.e. suits, judgments, tax liens, UCC filings.  You’ll see who their other creditors are and we’ll help you determine where your company lands on their list of priorities.
    • We’ll recap what we have found throughout our collection attempts.  Is the balance disputed?  What has been done to resolve the dispute?  Is the issue cash flow?  What is the debtor saying?
    • If we can’t arrive at a settlement or payment plan, we’ll provide you with a recommendation to sue.

When it’s time to sue:

  1. Once you make the decision to sue, we engage counsel from our network of bonded collection attorneys in the debtor’s locality to file suit.
    Our attorneys specialize in filing lawsuits for recovery of commercial debt.  This is their main area of practice and they are the best at what they do.  Venue is also important.  If the debtor is located across the country, then you want to sue them in their state of incorporation.  When you do so and win, you will be able to file for post judgment remedies.
  2. Save Attorney Costs. 

    When suit is filed there is a small out of pocket cost to start the action.  The cost is roughly $1,000 regardless of balance size.  That’s it.  That’s enough for us to retain experienced counsel who will represent you on a contingent commission basis.  It also pays the court costs.  If you sue on your own, you might spend $1,000 before the case is even filed and continue to spend money every step of the way!

  3. The attorney files the case immediately.
    By now, you truly have made every reasonable attempt to resolve the case outside of suit.  The suit is sent out for service and the legal process proceeds.  During this time, there is often an answer period, discovery, etc.  It moves along like a normal court case, except you aren’t paying an hourly fee!  Where there is a recovery, it is billed on a contingent commission basis.  No payment, no fee!

For five decades, Receivables Control’s approach has enabled clients to save attorney costs.  Our service results in higher recoveries and fewer suits.  The process is designed to litigate winnable cases and weed out those that will result in no recoveries.  This approach nets you the most money over time!

Whenever you have a customer that isn’t paying willingly, we are happy to discuss the particulars of the case with you.  We’ll help you make the best choices to recover funds quickly.   If suit is necessary, it will be the last option and one that doesn’t involve hourly costs.  We are happy to assist you and guide you through the entire process.  Let us take the expense and frustration away!

For more information regarding lawsuits for the recovery of commercial accounts receivable, contact Kelly Cronan at Receivables Control through email at or by phone at 763 315 9660.